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Computer Lab

The School has an Air Conditioned Computer Lab, one computer per student, with the latest Genuine Windows 7 & Microsoft Word 2010. Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons to students through AVC. Teachers provide personalized attention while the students work on the computer. Special emphasis is laid on the development of IT skills through exposure to Computers from a very early age.


The school infirmary is equipped with basic medical facilities to address the health needs of our students.

Those who become ill or injured while at school are sent to the infirmary where first aid and medical attention is administered by a qualified nurse. Here our students can rest and recover in a secure environment.

Karate Coaching

The school offers karate coaching for young children. Improved physical fitness, superior mind – body co-ordination and self-discipline are some of the benefits that this martial arts training provides.


The library is a centre of academic and intellectual development for students and staff alike. The school has a well stocked and fully furnished library which contains encyclopedias, series of world books, dictionaries and over 2500 books on varied subjects including Literature , Science , Mathematics, History, Geography, Computer Science, General knowledge, Religion etc. apart from a number of journals, Magazines, News Papers and periodicals.

Nursery Play Area

The play area is an amazing way to give our toddlers their own space. The various toys blocks and play items keep the little ones engaged and excited. The time spent in the play-area helps them build a stronger imagination, better attention span and more independence.

Science Lab

The School has a well equipped Science laboratory, with the entire requisite apparatus, chemicals, specimens and safety precautions. Since hands-on experience is at the heart of learning science, the science lab is equipped with the resources required for science classroom learning.

Smart Classroom

Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers in private schools in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student's academic performance with simple, practical & meaningful use of technology. It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students is class.

Sports Ground

The school sports ground is associated with the daily physical activity of children during school hours.

Sports and games ensure the good physical, mental and emotional health of children. Be it physical fitness, healthy mind or a positive attitude, sports help students with manifold advantages and this is what is followed at St. Mary’s High School.