Pre-Primary School
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The Pre – Primary section follows a play way method in imparting knowledge. The academic year is filled with a lot of creative activities that encourages a child’s innate curiosity.

Carefully curated activity worksheets are provided to help their, understanding of concepts and enhancing intellectual abilities.

Clay modelling, block building, counting beads on the abacus, are the hands on activities, followed with the regular curriculum at school.

Through the ‘Joy of Reading’ programme our students learn to read stories, making them independent learners.

Special Attention is given to the development of the phonics sounds, through the ‘Jolly Phonics’ series.

Several Cultural Competitions like fancy dress, skit, music and dance are organized to bring out their hidden talents.

The students spend time in a ‘Special Activity Room’ with AVC facility exclusively meant for the tiny lots, where they watch educational animated movies, magic shows, puppet shows etc.

The play way methodology often takes the students to the ‘Play House’ where they engage in gymnastics, ball pool etc.

We incorporate practical learning here, by giving our children several opportunities to explore nature on our beautiful campus which is home to a diverse range of flora & fauna.